IKEA is a giant furniture manufacturer from Sweden. In 2014, IKEA’s net profit was €3.3 billion. More than 716 million visitors visited the IKEA Group stores around the world in 2014 and more than 1.5 billion hits on IKEA.com. Only that is enough to see how IKEA “horrible”. There are many “surprises” and “secrets” about this company that you probably do not know and here are 10 of them.

1. The IKEA Company was founded in 1943


Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1943, at the age of 17. Originally the company only sold small products such as photo frames and mail order. Ingvar is 89 years old and owns $ 3.4 billion in assets.

A good thing about Ingvar Kamprad is his support for fascism at a young age. But he considered it “one of the biggest mistakes of his life”; and even wrote a letter to his staff asking them to forgive.

2. The first flat-packaged furniture boxes remained unsold until 1956


The way to pack wooden furniture into IKEA flat bin is a glow in the design of the designer named Gillis Lundgren. When he could not put a wooden table in the center of the car’s compartment, he decided to remove the desk stand to put it on. And since then, people have seen IKEA’s packaging as a historical creation.

3. The name IKEA is an abbreviation of the first letter

If you are wondering, the name IKEA comes from the first letters of the founder of the company, the same place where the first workshop in a town in Sweden. Letters I and K are taken from the name of Ingvar Kamprad; E is from Elmtaryd, where IKEA’s first manufacturing facility is located; and finally A, taken from Agunnaryd, a town in Sweden. Ingvar Kamprad seems to be a sentimental person.

4. Each item is named after the individual. Because Ingvar Kamprad is a dyslexic person, he often names the product in his or her own names or names, to help distinguish them. For example, many living room products are named after places in Sweden, while bathroom items are named after rivers and lakes.


5. If you live in Scandinavia or in the UK, you can buy a IKEA home that sells a whole house packed in a bin, you just buy it and build it. The price is equivalent to the normal house. Boklok House was the first IKEA-produced product to be sold in Sweden in 1996.

6. Each year, the number of copies of the catalog distributed by IKEA exceeds the number of Bibles. According to The Economist, 100 million copies of the Bible are sold or donated each year. But the truth is still lower than the number of catalogs published by IKEA every year. Each year, IKEA catalogs are distributed to around 180 million people worldwide in 27 different languages. Above is a catalog published in 1951.

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7. Approximately 10 out of every 10 people in Europe sleep on an IKEA bed. Think about how much IKEA is popular in Europe.

8. The average area of ​​an IKEA store is approximately 27,800 square meters. This area is equivalent to about 42 tennis courts.

9. IKEA consumes about 1% of the wood supply on Earth. You may think 1% is not a big number, but think twice. IKEA is simply an interior company among millions of similar companies around the world, not to mention companies that use wood to produce something other than furniture.

10. IKEA is mentioned in three different parts of the US TV series “Friends”

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This may be unclear, but if you watch the American TV series “Friends,” IKEA will appear three times in the movie.